Why it means a lot!

Why it means a lot!


Our first Kickstarter campaign is finally over ... it has been one heck of a roller coaster 30-day journey but we love it!

We are very grateful for the amazing support from our family, friends and backers from all around the world who have helps us meet our funding goal.

This project means much much more to us than the money we have raised for the following reasons:

1) It was an absolutely fulfilling experience putting together the various elements of the project - video, card illustrations, kickstarter page, etc... together.

2) We got the chance to discover and immerse ourselves into the world of crowdfunding - the great tools available out there, how to connect with our backers, studying the campaign stats and learning from lots of creative people on Kickstarter through their blogs and videos.

3) The community is the heart of this project. It means a lot to us to have folks believing in our vision and will journey with us from day one. They have given us lots of invaluable feedback and most importantly, given us the incentive to develop more games.

4) The opportunity to go beyond our tiny island and reach out to international customers was great for each of us. It was incredible to get backers from all over the world including places we didn't expect like Croatia and Mexico!

5) This project has given us the confidence and motivation to chart a new way of life producing games and other stuff through Kickstarter.

Although our campaign has ended, we have to get started on a lot of work of producing the game and shipping all the rewards to you, our backers. In case you didn't back and like a copy of the game when it arrives, you can pre-order now too at our product page bad boss.

We are still open for feedback and suggestions for our campaign and the game itself. Drop us a message ... we would love to hear from you!













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