Our very first kickstarter project

Our very first kickstarter project


It has been quite a surreal experience figuring out how to put together a kickstarter campaign.

Our project is the Bad Boss game - an easy to play card game that includes the most distinct characters you will ever find in the office.

Every day for the last few months was dedicated to putting this project together. There was the concept and design of the cards, making a trailer video and constructing the kickstarter page. And there is still so much more work ahead!

SInce this is the first time we are venturing into the crowdfunding world, we realised the learning curve on stuff like rewards, stretch goals, shipping and marketing is steep and requires constant fine tuning. Naturally, we would want our dreams to come true with a successful campaign but since this is the first time we are venturing into the unknown, the results can go either way. Nonetheless, whatever the outcome, it will be a hack of a learning experience for us all. In the meantime, we have to settle on biting our fingernails in anticipation...

We are now in the process of putting together our full video which explains everything about the game and team. Conventional wisdom says a good video is crucial for any kickstarter campaign to be successful, so we are working to create one.

We would want to launch by 1st July and hope there are no hiccups along the way to delay this date. We'll post updates on the launch on this blog and we hope you can support us on that day to make our dreams a reality.



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