Bad Boss 2 : It is the Arses that get ahead! is a humorous card game that requires you to be an ARSE to win! Collect more office characters than your opponents and avoid being stuck with the dreaded Bad Boss. It's your call - you can be an ARSE and win the game, or be beaten by the ARSES in your office!

Rise to the top and accumulate allies by collecting as many pairs as you can. Use strategy and play Arse cards to sabotage others in order to get ahead. Avoid the Bad Boss at ALL COST... get stuck with him and you will LOSE EVERYTHING!

We are very grateful to everyone who backed our first venture which gave us the motivation to do a second one. Bad Boss 2 will have more twists, humor and strategy.

Bad Boss 2 is a standalone game which does not require the first Bad Boss game to play. But the good news is, you can combine the first game with this second game to support more players!

Ready to be an Arse to win? We have a music video to inspire you:

Bad Boss 2 : It is the Arses that get ahead! was launched on Kickstarter on 10 Oct 2020 and was sucessfully funded.