Tank Clash is live on Kickstarter

Tank Clash is live on Kickstarter

Tank Clash is a game that we are very passionate about and it took us about 2 years to develop it. Now after months of designing, prototyping and playtesting... we are almost ready to deliver a game that we are proud of.

Our vision was to design a casual tank skirmish that had a simple combat resolution, yet provides players with enough tactical choices to keep them challenged. The art style is distinctively chibi and the rules are kept simple so that non-wargamers can feel comfortable with it. 


The game pits well know tank types like the German Panzer IV and the M4 Sherman against each other. The firepower, armour and speed of the opposing forces are symmetrical so the gameplay is balanced no matter which side a player chooses.


You can visit our Tank Clash Kickstarter page to learn more about the game, watch YouTube playthroughs & reviews and get all the latest updates. Our campaign started on 22 November and will last for 30 days.


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