Hoard humour and not toilet rolls

Hoard humour and not toilet rolls

Very frankly, we cannot help being worried too but at the same time, we all know it leads to nowhere. Worrying leads to to fear, fear leads to panic and panic leads to behaviour like toilet paper hoarding.

That is why in challenging times like these, it is important we maintain our sense of humour and here are some of the reasons why this is so:


Good for the mind

It is common knowledge that humour helps us cope with stress. With the non-stop news surrounding Covid-19, it would be great to give our minds a change of focus and watch some comedy to tickle our funny bone. Laughter eases mental tension and increases our energy to tackle life’s challenges.

Most people are currently worried about issues like job security but unfortunately that would lead to fear and anxiety which does absolutely nothing to improve the situation. Instead, why not try to harness our happy hormones so that we can be more focused and creative in our problem solving.


Good for the body

The real-life Patch Adams (remember the movie?) and his group of volunteer clowns travelled to hospitals around the world to bring laughter to sick people. He founded the Gesundheit! Institute to change the healthcare system where everything is communal and patients are treated with fun and love, not just pills and surgeries.

Books and studies have examined how humour can increase immunity, lower blood pressure and even deal with illness. So, it isn’t just our mental state that improves with humour, but our physical state as well.


Good for relationships

Above all, humour is social. That is why we laugh harder at a funny movie when we see it in the cinema with other people laughing than when we are all alone on our sofa.

Sharing a laugh with our loved ones foster bonding. When people laugh together and genuinely enjoy each other’s company, they cannot help but feel closer and happier. With more of us having to stay at home for longer periods, it is important if we can enjoy activities like playing games to strengthen the family bond.



Always remember to succeed in life we need three things : a wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone. Yes we are going through uncertain times but we still need laughs, fun and amusement because humour is an integral part of human survival.

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