I smell a Rat!

I smell a Rat!

Yes, it’s no secret that rats sometimes have a bad rap. Imagine going back home after a long day at work only to see a rat scurrying across the living room. Can’t blame people who think of rats as being disgusting and would rather associate themselves with powerful animals like the tiger.

Despite being condemned for centuries, rats have proved their resourcefulness and survived in the face of danger. In Chinese mythology, the rat managed to outwit the rest of the animals in a race to emerge the victor. It took a ride with the ox to cross a river and jumped off as they approached the finish line. And that is why the year of the Rat is the first year of the Chinese zodiac.

In another Chinese myth, the universe in the beginning took on the form of an egg. The rat supposedly bit off a crack of the universe to let in the air, resulting in the separation of the heavens and earth. This is how the world was started in that folklore.

In Chinese astrology, rats are shrewd, resourceful, adaptable, curious, creative, kind and helpful. Pretty impressive traits for a creature that gets bad press from time to time.

The year of the Rat is considered as a time of struggle by many, but it is also accompanied by the realization of goals as well as wealth. So whatever challenges you may face, we hope that the rat’s characteristics of shrewdness and resourcefulness will help you reach the finish line. Smile and say cheese!

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