Launch on 10 Oct

Launch on 10 Oct

We are finally ready for our second kickstarter campaign and have decided to launch it on 10 Oct.

Bad Boss 2! is our second casual party game ... but it is now bigger and badder with new characters, more cards and strategic twists using hilarious Arse cards.

Yes... you need to be an Arse to get ahead. Here is the our exclusive preview page of our upcoming campaign:

We are very grateful to all of you who have backed our first venture which gave us the confidence and motivation to do a second one. Some of you have given us wonderful suggestions which led to the development of the second game. Bad Boss 2 will have more twists, humor and strategy. And the good news is, you can combine the first deck with this second game to support more players!

Do visit our preview page of our upcoming campaign and we love to receive any feedback you have. We are still making minor improvements and your comments can improve our product.

Please do help us share. We want to make more games!!!

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