yummy yummy pancake game

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This game is easy to learn but hard to master!  The starting player (Chef) places 8 pancakes in the pan and flips them. If at least two pancakes are flipped over then the Chef selects a player and asks that player to identify the flipped pancakes.

In Yummy Yummy Pancake, you're trying to identify pancakes in a frying pan, but were you paying enough attention to know what's there?

On a turn, a player lays out eight face-up tokens in a frying pan, and all other players get to see the toppings on these pancakes. Then the active player attempts to flip as many pancakes as possible. (If they fail to flip more than two, the player can try again. If any pancakes leave the pan, they're returned to the pan face up.)

After flipping, the active player chooses a face-down pancake and a player. If this player can identify what's on the other side, they claim this pancake; otherwise the flipper keeps it. The flipper can continue to challenge players to remember pancakes or end their turn, in which case the next player refills the pan to eight face-up pancakes and takes their turn.

Once the pancake supply runs out, whoever has the most pancakes wins!

box measures 26.5cm x 26.5cm

10-20mins play

2-4 Players

For ages 6+

*English rules included