wonga mania game


Welcome to Banana Republic, where you roleplay as an influential citizen of Banana Republic and their objectives are to accumulate enough wealth by influencing government economic policies in your favor. The game is a simulation which gives you the power of a central banker and at the same time, allowing players to see the economic benefits or devastations brought about by their decisions. Players get to manipulate the economy using monsters such as Debtzilla, Taxopus and Inflationsaurus to destroy the wealth of their competitors. Players get to ride through multiple economic cycles (Recovery, Growth, Stagnant, & Recession) and experience the anxiety of economic uncertainties while investing in a variety of stocks, properties and bonds.

Wongamania: Banana Economy can also be used as an educational tool which teaches players about economics, portfolio management and the intricacies of personal finance.

The underlying message of the game is to caution the man of the streets on how the game of finance can be stacked against them and how they can still succeed, despite all odds. Banana Economy promises plenty of fun and family interaction.

Wongamania: Banana Economy 2nd edition features:

New graphic designs

New "Breaking News" mechanic

Adjustment of the power balance of various cards

Customized Debtzilla Meeple

New yellow color Banana Dice

Improved rulebook

Education guide on Economics

30-60mins play

2-5 players

For ages 10+