rockstar portfolio manager game


Players of the game are promising multi-asset portfolio managers, shortlisted by a billionaire as candidates to manage his wealth. They are each given seed capital by the billionaire and have to build the largest value investment portfolio over the market cycles to prove their worth.

Every round unveils a new Scenario (a random market cycle), to which players have partial information due to a game mechanic called "Initial Research". During a player's turn (within the round), he/she resolve the payoffs associated with the Scenario and their investment portfolios draws and plays Action cards. He/she also has the option of re-balancing his/her portfolio to best position it for maximum investment gains in the future Scenarios. When the last player for the round has finished his/her turn, the Scenario is discarded and a new Scenario card is unveiled in a new round.

The game ends when there are no Scenarios cards remaining and the last player has played his/her turn. A player wins by having the largest portfolio value at the end of the last player's turn (end of the game).

100 Action Cards
20 Scenario Cards
120 Cubes
Game Currency
5 Asset Class Reference Cards
1 Rulebook

45mins play

2-5 players

For ages 16+