rainforest city game


In Rainforest City, players repopulate the Singaporean natural landscape by piecing together rainforests, mangroves and ocean terrain with native plants and animals to restore food chains.

Learn about biodiversity, ecosystems and the importance of conservation in this interactive strategy game designed for both families and board game enthusiasts alike! With competitive, co-operative and solo modes of different difficulties, Rainforest City is a game that challenges as well as educates.


No. of Players: 1 to 4 Players

Suitable for Ages 8 and above

Game Duration: ~30 minutes


Game Components:

168 Flora and Fauna tokens

47 Flora and Fauna cards

49 Terrain cards

9 Starting Terrain cards

4 Player Guide cards

4 Fruit tokens x 4 player colours

1 Fruit Dial

12 Objective cards

3 Globe markers


How to play?

1. Rotate the Fruit Dial and choose either Terrain or Flora and Fauna cards.

2. Strategically place the Flora and Fauna onto your habitats to form food chains.

3. Score big on your food chains and be the first to hit key objectives!


Why play Rainforest City?

Family Time Without Screens

Spend meaningful time bonding without digital devices.

Approach environmental issues in a fun and thoughtful way.

Learn about Singapore's biodiversity and ecosystems together as a family.


Class Time Without Textbooks

Cultivate passion for biology and geography in a fun and exciting manner!

Learn about topics such as food chains, natural habitats, and local flora and fauna.

A gateway into discussing difficult issues such as urban development