my amp retro speaker

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Have your very own mini replica of a retro-style amplifier speaker.

It is both an MP3 and computer speaker which will play your tunes and rock any party!

My Amp also has three controls to adjust volume, treble and bass. It is a unique feature which most portable MP3 speakers do not offer!

It connects through a 3.5mm standard headphone style jack which should fit your iPod or any other standard MP3 player. You can also connect it to your computer with the audio cable provided and use as your computer speaker. Or you can connect to your computer via the USB cable provided to power the speakers.

• versatile amp-style 3 Watt MP3 speaker
• 3 controls to adjust volume, treble and bass
• can be powered by battery or the computer via USB
• 12 x 11 x 14 cm