LG PH1 portable bluetooth speaker

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Most bluetooth speakers are rectangular shaped … which is not the case with the LG PH1 that produces sound in 360 degrees.

And why would LG design a speaker with a see-through material? Because it also works as a lightening device. LG has placed four LED bulbs in a ring that surrounds the speaker tube. These bulbs can emit lights in shades of different colours and lighting patterns according to the music track you are playing. You can also keep the light bulbs off to preserve the battery.

Besides, the best thing about PH1's design is its portability. The speaker is very light, can fit in your palm and can be easily carried around on a weekend trip without occupying much space in your bag.


Hardware Controls

LG has also added a built-in mic that allows you to make and receive calls wirelessly when connected to a smartphone.

A number of hardware buttons and ports are provided to operate the speaker. There are physical volume rockers, a play-pause button, a power button, a button to answer calls and to control light effects.

The speaker unit has light indicators for battery and bluetooth connection status.


Audio Quality

Despite its small size, the PH1 offers surprisingly good sound performance. You can read online reviews and don’t take our word for it :)

The audio quality does not get distorted even at the full volume which is a common thing with portable speakers selling in the market

Overall, the PH1 It punches well above its weight, playing loudly and distortion-free audio. It can be a good companion if you are planning to have a room party, or a short weekend trip. The sound it offers is adequate to fill a room.



Dimensions: approx. 8cm width x 9cm height

• Amplifier Channel: 360 degree sound effect

Ports: Portable 3.5mm In port, micro USB port

Battery: 3.7V

Nett Weight: 0.19KG

Other features: LED lights, built-in microphone to attend calls

• One-year warranty by manufacturer (keep purchase receipt)