kabuki tricks game


It’s showtime in the Kabuki Tricks.

Players assume the roles of producers of Kabuki performances where the quality of showmanship depends on the number of tricks to be won.

The game is played over a number of rounds where each player will have a chance to play as the dealer. Each round consists of the following phases:

1. Dealer Setup - The dealer in each round shuffles the Suit deck and distributes 7 Suit cards face-down, and then decides on the trumps by arranging the High-Low card and Actor cards.

2. 7 Tricks - A player starts a trick by choosing to play a Suit card face-up, then the rest of the players play one of the Suit cards from hand (including a Joker card). The round ends when players finish 7 tricks, leaving only 1 card on hand.

3. Scoring - Players will score points based on the number of tricks won, the number of tricks correctly predicted, and the last card that followed the same predicted Actor card.

The player with the highest score after adding the scores from each round wins the game.

Kabuki Tricks is the second title of the Shiba Senpai Game Series.

20-30mins play

2-5 Players

For ages 10+