dream diary game


A bizzare light brings your party to a parallel universe. You’ve all been turned into the form of special spirits!

Now, your party must jump to the correct locations in this uncanny city in order to return home.

Each member’s dreams will guide you to escape this world, but nightmares will try to trap you on this journey.

It is not easy to communicate here because you can only send out “adjectives” and your teammates will signal back with hand gestures only.

Can you find the way to get out of this universe before it is too late?


How to play video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNQX_iU_76w


40 location cards

40 dream cards

50 memory sheets

1 hope track

2 kite tokens

2 rulebooks

20-30mins play

2-6 players

For ages 10+