buffet boss game

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Buffet Boss delivers up a delicious mix of light strategy and dexterity in this stacking game for the whole family. In Buffet Boss, pick your food from the buffet and gain points by stacking food onto your plate. But beware – the food with the tastiest point values are also the hardest to stack! Players will also have Character cards that give them bonus points for stacking specific types of food.

Buffet Boss also comes in many different modes to suit all diets – a solo/co-operative mode as well as a mode for kids aged 5 and up.

Can you pile on all your favourite foods while keeping your plate balanced? You'll need quick hands and a quicker mind to become the BUFFET BOSS!


42 Food Pieces

42 Food Cards

5 Plates

15 Character Cards

1 Rulebook


1–5 Players


Ages 6+