black mogics power bagel (gen2)

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The award-winning Mogics Power Bagel charges up to 7 devices all at once
(2 USB ports, 4 universal adapters and 1 US adapter) in a unique ring shape.

Yes. Simultaneously. This little bagel packs real power! 


Key features:

Universal Input Sockets: Works with Singapore 3-pin power plugs as well

92 cm Extendable Power Cable: Super convenient!

Replaceable Fuse: Extra fuse is stored in the fuse compartment itself, so it's always handy.



Travel Adapter Included

4 Universal AC + 1 US AC + 2 USB ports

32mm Thick

92cm Extendable Cable

6.3A Safety Fuse Integrated + 1 Spare Fuse in Fuse Compartment

Power Limit: 1512W @ 240V, 756W @ 120V