Toxic People



It looks like poker ... it feels like poker ... but this poker is toxic!

Toxic People combines a unique blend of draw poker and action cards to bring office politics to a whole new level. You'll need a combination of luck and strategy to emerge the winner in this easy-to-learn party game.


Just don't get too comfortable as a bad bunch of action cards like the cheater and troublemaker are going to mess things up!

You even get to draft the action cards that will be played during the game. Choose the bluffer card if deception turns you on. Choose more sabotage cards (like the bully) if you like to undermine your buddies. Every game can be customized so you'll need different strategies to win.

After the mayhem caused by the action cards, the winner will get to pass the loser a toxic token. The first player with 3 toxic tokens is crowned the loser!


Watch our Youtube video on how to play Toxic People.

Learn much much more about the game at our Kickstarter page.

If a poker session which is totally toxic is your thing, grab a copy here!