Tank Clash

Tank Clash is an easy-to-understand WW2 armour warfare strategy game for 2 players that a noob or skilled player can enjoy. It combines both dice roll and tactical cards for a casual but yet strategic battle experience. 

German Tanks

Take command of fearsome German tanks like the Panzer IV, Marder III and Tiger I. In the early stages of the war, Germany tank offensives in Poland and France proved that armour was essential for victory.

American Tanks

Although the Germans created very formidable tanks, the Americans managed to use innovative tactics and its industrial might to turn the tide of the war. They built the M4 Sherman, M18 Hellcat and M26 Pershing to counter them.

Armour Token System

A core feature of Tank Clash is the armour tokens that accompany each tank to determine its defensive strength. When opposing tanks battle, the first tank which loses all its armour tokens will be completely destroyed.


Win the game by reaching any 1 of 3 goals : destroy all enemy tanks, capture the enemy base or fulfill your secret mission. Draw one of these 3 mission cards and formulate a strategy to win. But don't make your tactics too obvious ... your opponent may figure out your secret mission!

Tactical cards

Each player will be dealt with 6 tactical cards which will either boost the attacker or aid the defender. Attack cards like artillery support deal devastating area damage while defend cards like smoke screen reduce the attacker's odds. These are one-time use cards that should be used during crucial battles to tip the odds of the tank fight. Use them wisely!

Overkill cards

Overkill cards can be earned during a hit in battle or by capturing an enemy's checkpoint. They are color coded as Red (attack advantage), Blue (defend advantage), Green (movement advantage) and purple (sabotage advantage).


Tank Clash will be launched on Kickstarter in Q4 2022.
We are very passionate about this project and have been putting in a lot of effort to develop the core game and exciting stretch goals like tank aces, tank commanders and tank statistics / combat reference cards.

Tank minis

Add chibi tank miniatures to the battlefield!
We are offering high quality STL files and 3D printed miniatures as add-ons.
You have the option of upgrading the 6 iconic tank tokens to these detailed 28mm models.


Tank Clash is a work-in-progress as it is our pet project which requires ample time to craft as we envision it. We are working closely with Cargo studios to constantly improving the artwork, game mechanic and rulebook so that we can deliver a polished game that we are proud of.  Thus, the final product may differ in terms of look and play when its finally completed.
We will be posting updates on our Ameba games facebook group, blog and on this page. Do join our group to participate in our playtests, give feedback or stay updated on Tank Clash!