Grab your Breakfast Rules


 Download Grab your Breakfast standard rules here:


Plus a couple of variant rules to play Grab your Breakfast differently:


Memory Breakfast

take 6 pancake, 6 coffee, 6 egg, 6 toast and 6 cereal hand cards from the deck

shuffle and place the cards faced down on a tabletop in a 5 x 6 card format 

players take turn to flip any 2 cards at a time so that everyone sees them

if it forms a pair, the player can take the pair

if there is no pair, the player will flip the cards back into the original position

the player that takes a pair can continue to flip cards until there is no match

the game continues until all the pairs have been taken from the tabletop 

the player with the most pairs win

difficulty level : easy 


4-sided Breakfast

players are able to take tile cards from all 4 sides instead of the usual 2 sides

this will give players more choice of cards to match / take 

it will also result in players having to exchange hand cards less often

difficulty level : easy 


Reserve my Breakfast

players get any tokens that can be used as markers

example: other game tokens, coins of various values and colored paper clips

players will use their tokens to reserve a tile card at the left or right columns

the reservation is done at the end of a player’s turn 

a player cannot reserve the same tile card over 2 rounds

a player must move his/her token to a new tile card at the end of his/her turn

a player may reserve a tile card but choose not to take it during his/her turn

a player will take his/her last available tile card that is reserved by the token

difficulty level : medium 



the cereal cards have been upgraded to different designs as a Kickstarter stretch goal. Therefore, a cereal hand card can be used to match any design of a cereal tile card.