let's go game


There are so many places to visit on our Little Red Dot but so little time! The holidays are here and the roads are going to get really busy. Each colour on the board represents a different mode of transportation. Challenge your friends in this travel game around Singapore to be the first to get to your destination while others get stuck behind in traffic.

Let's Go is a fast-paced multiplayer game designed for children and parents to play along. Match the coloured cards to the colour on the route and if the numbers add up, you are a step closer to reaching your destination and towards victory!

There are two modes of playing - basic and advanced. Children can improve simple arithmetic skills and develop decision making and strategic thinking. Designed and illustrated in Singapore, this game is for children between the ages of 4 to 7+ to play by themselves or with an adult.

20-40min play

2-4 Players

For ages 4+