cheese master game


The kitchen is calm. Too calm. All of a sudden, the chaos begins: as bits of cheese fall off the table, mice scurry in to snatch them up! The cat, who was patiently waiting for this moment, extends their claws and leaps onto the rodents. But they didn’t notice the dog, who suddenly appears with their mouth wide open…

This chaotic crowd chases and squabbles with each other all around the room until the infuriated innkeeper bangs on a pot to disperse the would-be thieves. After all that hubbub, can you remember how much cheese there actually was?

In Cheese Master players are rolling all dice and need to be as fast as possible to figure out how many cheese are left on the floor. Each die will show animal faces or cheese pieces and create a funny interaction that you will need to understand before your opponents.

They are 4 cheeses but 2 mice eating cheese, 1 cat is there, chasing a mice but before they do so, the dog is making the cat running away. So how many cheese pieces are left? Be quick as the slowest of players will not even be able to take a guess!

10-20mins play

2-8 players

For ages 8+