Join us in the arena

Join us in the arena

Cheesar’s Arena is reimplemented from Alex Pchelintsev's Ave, Leo! Instead of gladiators and a lion in an arena, Ameba games has re-themed it to be more family friendly with mice and a cat instead. Nonetheless, the gladiator outfits have been retained for the mice so that each player has a distinctive colour.

Don’t let the gladiator outfits fool you to think that it is a fighting game. Cheesar’s Arena is an abstract action selection game where you have to outwit your friends to collect as many cheese dice on the board by optimising your actions. Furthermore, although there is dice, it isn’t a game of luck because you need a fair amount strategy to win.

Cheesar’s Arena is designed for 2-6 players but most think its best with higher player counts where there are more opportunities to thwart others or be thwarted! You will have to optimise both your position and movement on the board and pick up cheese while denying your opponents the chance for the same rewards.

We have ensured learning the game can be accomplished in minutes via our illustrated rulebook and a ‘how-to-play’ youtube video.  The game takes 3 minutes to set-up and typically plays within 30 minutes so it is ideal for some lunch break fun. It is a strategy game that both a beginner and a seasoned gamer can enjoy.

Cheesar’s Arena will launch on Kickstarter (sign-up to be notified) in April 2024. We aim to produce high quality components like printed wooden meeples and custom dice. There will be exclusives and cool stretch goals too.

We hope you can support us even if its to spread the word around so do join us in the arena!


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