It is taking shape

It is taking shape

Ahhh... the wonders of technology!

Messaging and video conferencing tools like telegram and zoom have been in use for a couple of years now but it is the pandemic that gave them a huge boost in popularity.

Because of all the communication apps, we have been able to stay close to our colleagues, friends and communities. Having said that, we still do miss our regular coffee sessions. And despite the recent measures to curb social gatherings, our team have managed to continue play testing our upcoming game called Toxic People.

This is our third humorous office theme party game. Like the previous two games, we intend to launch it on Kickstarter to fund and produce the final product. So after a busy year of conceptualizing, designing and prototyping, we feel that the game is almost ready to be put out there.

Toxic People combines a unique blend of draw poker and action cards to bring office politics to a whole new level. You’ll need a combination of luck and strategy to emerge the winner in this easy-to-learn party game.

 Here is a screen grab of a recent play test session on the online Boardgame platform Tabletopia. You can be updated with our developments and game sessions on our Bad Boss games facebook page.


So if you like entertaining game nights with lots of laughter, be sure to follow our Kickstarter Pre-launch page which looks like the image below. You’ll be notified by email when our project is launched within the next few months.


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