Cubemelt reminds us that life is short

Cubemelt reminds us that life is short

We are very fortunate to work with the talented guys who created the cartoon character 'Cubemelt' and the accompanying comics.

The philosophy of Cubemelt comic strips is "life is short." It begets the question of how we are spending each day of our lives.

Cubemelt's excited to get out of his ice tray every day. The problem is, he starts melting the moment he's out of the freezer, so lengthy tasks are the literal bane of his existence. The spot of water he's reduced to invokes laughter, pity, wonder, and unexpected blessings to those around him.


At the end of the day, besides laughter, the creators wish to bring some perspective of life through the (mis)adventures of an ice cube in cute drawings with a burning zest for life! We are all melting, some faster than others, but it’s not the duration but the value we bring that matters.


For much more comics and videos, be sure to check out cubemelt's instagram page at




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