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Expand your deck of The Singaporean Dream: The New Normal with this 2021 TSD Booster pack that celebrates the most iconic moments of 2021 in Singapore.

This booster pack is not a standalone game and requires The Singaporean Dream: The New Normal.


This booster pack includes:

2 NEW Personality Cards featuring the Delivery Rider and Sovereign. 

  (you can play up to 8 players with this booster pack)

5 NEW Dream Cards such as Food Arrives on Time and Dining In Again.

17 NEW Action Cards featuring the good, bad, and funniest moments of 2021.

6 Cash Cards

    Frequently asked questions

    What is the TSD 2021 Booster Pack?

    The Singaporean Dream: 2021 Booster Pack captures the most iconic moments of 2021, and features newly created cards you can add to your existing The Singaporean Dream: The New Normal deck.

    How many players can I include with TSD 2021 Booster Pack?

    With the TSD 2021 Booster Pack, you can expand your game of The Singaporean Dream: The New Normal to include 2 to 8 players (previously max. of 6 players).​

    Does this Booster Pack include the collaborative game play (play in teams)?

    This Booster Pack does not include additional cards for the collaborative gameplay. However, if you would like to incorporate collaborate gameplay for up to 8 players, you can follow the chart below:

    25-30mins play
    2-6 players
    For ages 12+