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The Purrballs find themselves in a strange and mysterious place! How’d they get here? How do they get back home? What’re all these clothes they’re suddenly wearing? No one really knows, and it seems like our curious purry pals aren’t sticking around to find out. A grand Catventure awaits!

In the Purrballs: Catventure Card Game, players compete to gain the most Experience Points (XP) by the end of the game. Each player starts with a party of eager Catventurers, each with an ability, a Speed value, and their own way of scoring XP.

Every round, valuable Loot cards are drawn from the Loot deck and laid out into the pool, together with several dangerous Monsters. Players secretly choose a Catventurer from their party to play. Each offers a powerful ability that gives you an advantage, but Speed determines who picks Loot first. Will you choose a sneaky Rogue, with its high Speed value? Or perhaps a Soldier, able to fight off Monsters and claim their rewards?

The game ends when all the loot has been taken. Referring to the Loot cards they've collected, players count up the amount of XP scored by every Catventurer in their party. The player with the most XP wins the game!

This bundle set comes complete with:

cat venture base game

secret store expansion

royal entourage expansion

update pack season 1

30-60mins play

3-5 players

For ages 12+