jumbo size roll film


Our favourite customized roll film is now available in jumbo size!

Measuring 18cm in height, this large classic film canister is an attention grabber and makes a great commemorative gift.

Twist the big knob on the top to unwind and wind a long continuous film roll.

Ideal for couple, friendship, family, wedding and vacation photographs.



Waterproof print of 15 - 40 pictures on a continuous length of film roll

Display high resolution album size photos or text messages

Smooth felt lined at the opening to protect film

Roll film canister measures 18 x 10cm

Each photo is approx. 8cm in height


We will contact you to arrange sending your photos to us. Your roll film will be produced overseas and shipped to you in approximately 4 weeks.

Announcement: please note that the current Covid19 crisis has caused delays in international postal and courier deliveries. We seek your kind understanding for any late deliveries. Thank you.